• Delphine Ménard ≈

    Delphine Ménard ≈

    intercultural musings, always learning, discovering. I work around the world. I come from experience.

  • Dwyer Gunn

    Dwyer Gunn

    Journalist covering economics for @Medium. Words for @nytimes @Slate @NYMag. @Freakonomics alum. Email: dwyer.gunn@gmail.com

  • Anne-Marie Taylor

    Anne-Marie Taylor

    Mainly poetry. The first step in putting the bits and pieces I create out to the wider world

  • GEM


    PhD, Rhetoric & Prof. Comm, Tech & Scientific Comm, quantum stories: Acoustic Rhetoric: Vital Materialism's Diffractions

  • Darya Bokach

    Darya Bokach

  • Aleksandra Przegalinska

    Aleksandra Przegalinska

    Artificial Intelligence fan and researcher. Associate Professor @Kozminski University. Post-doc @MIT and Senior Researcher Fellow @Harvard LWP

  • CivilHub


    We believe that people have the power to change the World. Check it out on https://civilhub.org

  • Alexander Tokarev

    Alexander Tokarev

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